We're back for a new year. We met on Wednesday for the first time this year. There were five of us there. There were many stories from the holidays and joy that two of our number are engaged. Also there was the sadness of death of an extended family member of another. But in the centre was our period of silence with each other. I think it is fair to say that we were glad to be meditating with each other again. Meditation is different when meditating in a group. I think we have now learned from experience what John Main told us, "meditation creates community."

We also began our plans for the rest of the new year. Firstly it looks as though the retreat in March in not going to work out. Instead we are looking at inviting the Young Christian Meditation National Coordinator to lead a retreat. She is an Anglican priest and theologian. The has formed an contemplative church in Canberra.

We're also looking into possibility of interfaith and intra-faith dialogue. Nothing solid yet though.