If you've been following this blog you may know we've been trying to organise a retreat weekend for a couple of years now. We've had to cancel our most recent attempt, the one scheduled for November, because on more detailed planning we realised that a spiritual weekend like this can be intense. By intense I mean the silence of meditation and the themes of the retreat can bring up emotional issues, and that's ok and good if you know how to handle these things, but we thought it best that an experienced retreat leader be present to help people work through these issues. Younger experienced retreat leaders are not always available and we couldn't find someone for November 10 or other proposed dates in the month. So we've basically had to cancel. sad face

As we've booked the retreat house already we are going to try out the facilities, do a test run, and hopefully we'll be well prepared when the opportunity to hold a full retreat arises.

Sorry for not letting you all know earlier.