Community Day

April 5, 2014
Hey, a community day is coming up in May. This day is open to all ages and is a chance to learn the basics if you've never meditated before or to deepen the practice if you have done it before. It's also a chance to connect with the wider community beyond weekly groups. See you there!

For details see the flyer below:


A Long Loving Look - Retreat Cost

December 31, 2013
The retreat will cost $185 which includes meals and accommodation. See our main page for a summary of the retreat information here.

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A Long Loving Look - Venue Booked

December 17, 2013
In my previous post I let you know about the up-and-coming retreat we have planned for March next year. We've booked a venue: Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre. Its a modern facility situated in a beautiful location on Moreton Bay at Ormiston. A very nice place for a retreat. It's address is: 267 Wellington Street, Ormiston, QLD. It's a 25 minute gentle walk from the Ormiston train station. If you'd rather not walk from the station contact the Centre's staff, before the weekend, and they'll ar...
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Weekend Retreat - A Long Loving Look

December 4, 2013
Linda Chapman has kindly offered to lead a Christian Meditation retreat in March 2014. She is a Anglican pastor in Goulburn area and has lead retreats for younger meditators in NSW. She has titled the retreat A Long Loving Look. This long loving look retreat, she explains,  is:

A weekend retreat that explores the relationship between the practice of
meditation, the experience of contemplation and creation (the non-human
world). We will look at the essential work of meditation and its part in

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November Retreat Canceled

October 21, 2013
If you've been following this blog you may know we've been trying to organise a retreat weekend for a couple of years now. We've had to cancel our most recent attempt, the one scheduled for November, because on more detailed planning we realised that a spiritual weekend like this can be intense. By intense I mean the silence of meditation and the themes of the retreat can bring up emotional issues, and that's ok and good if you know how to handle these things, but we thought it best that an e...
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November Retreat

August 13, 2013
We have a retreat coming up in November. The retreat will start on the 8th, Friday evening, and finishing on the 10th, Sunday afternoon. The retreat will be up on Tamborine Mountain. We've booked a place called the Tamborine Retreat House. Sounds like an appropriate location. ;)  It's address is: 2 Cliff Way, Eagle Heights. You can found more about the house at its FaceBook page. We're still planning the content of the retreat and with let you know about the details as more becomes available....
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Community Afternoon Debrief

July 23, 2013
Sorry for not posting this earlier I had a hectic week, though some of it was fun, some of it was not fun, and some of it was informative and peaceful.

What I want to talk about here is the informative and peaceful part, the Younger Meditators Community Afternoon. After a drive through the lush hinterland of Moreten Bay I arrived at Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre situated on the bay side. The centre was the location of our community afternoon. I was greeted by Sarah, Andrea and Alison. Sarah...
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Community Afternoon Update

June 21, 2013
We now have the times, date, donation amount and location of the Younger Meditators' Community Afternoon.

Sunday, July 14, 2pm-4pm
@ Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre, 267 Wellington Street, Ormiston

Recommended donation: $10

The day will consist of Christian meditation, a talk by Sarah Bachelard, and discussion. As it is later in the than the we expected lunch will not be part of the day. All are welcome.

Contact us if you have any questions here.

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Younger Meditators' Community Afternoon

May 10, 2013

The afternoon offers a chance to deepen our practice and to mingle with other meditators. A rough outline of the day is meditation, lunch and a talk by Sarah Blanchard, discussion and a meditation.

Sarah lives in Canberra. She's a Christian Meditator and theologian. She also directed the John Main Centre in Georgetown University. The John Main Centre at Georgetown helps support Christian meditation practice and inter-religious dialogue.

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Asking for Help

April 18, 2013
On our Rock and Spiritual Experience FB page I posted a musing:

Temper Trap - Trembling Hands: Asking for Help

At first I thought this was a sad song, "I buried my head so deep in my hands, all around me was dark." But as I listened to in more, sometimes singing with it (hitting the notes occasionally), I found it cleared my mind and opened... more
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